Gucci gifts Hushpuppi a Gucci-branded cake as he celebrates his birthday today


Gucci recognized Hushpuppi as a regular spender and buyer of their luxury products and decided to give him a special gift on his birthday today.

The flambouyant luxury lover, who became a viral sensation for flaunting his luxurious lifestyle on Social Media, got a Gucci-Branded cake from the Gucci store in Dubai.

He shared photos of the cake and wrote; “Thanks so much @gucci for this special. God bless you guys at the Dubai Mall Gucci Store!!!”

The big boy is currently in Dubai, and of recent, he shared photos of his luxurious shopping at a Dubai Mall, where he tagged himself as a “Billionaire Gucci Master”


He showed off his porter, who trolled his handful Gucci bags, as he posed beside him and another marketer from the store.

Only recently, he spent over N1m on a Gucci outfit and bragged about it on his snapchat.


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